Realty Media Services offers low affordable prices to create amazing 3d Tours of any facility, ranging from Boats, Airplanes, homes, cottages and museums. 

Realty Media Services was founded in 2016 by retired Federal Employee Dave Wreggitt. Dave's hobby of creating and producing short films and commercials lead him to the Real Estate World.

Dave also hosts a radio show on Amherst Island Radio and promotes local music and often uses his musician contacts to utilize in his short films and advertisements. 



Show Marketing
  • Conception, creation, and delivery of promotional content in a variety of formats

    • Trailers​ (Broadcast, Web, Social)

    • EPK/BTS Specials

    • Ancillary Content (Character Vignettes, Setting Teasers, Mood Pieces, Music Videos, etc.)

Post Production
  • Seven Edit Suites

  • In-House Editing, Sound, Coloring, and Graphics

  • FCPX & Adobe Premiere CC

  • On-Staff Editors


Realty Media Services - 613-572-4205

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